Battery Technology - Overview


The name FRÖTEK stands for a competent partner with many years of experience in the global battery market.

FRÖTEK offers all products for the assembly of industrial batteries from individual battery cells.

Furthermore we can supply products for starter batteries and for cell formation. In short: FRÖTEK supplies everything above the cell from one source and in OEM quality.


FRÖTEK Aqua Low Profile-System

Product description

The ALP-plug is used to automatically adjust a specified-electrolyte level. The plug's basic structure has a defined area where charging gases are dissipated without interfering with the in-flowing water. A visual display used for monitoring the status of the valve is built into the lid of the ALP-plug. A diagnostic opening, which can be opened by a hinged lid enables effortless measuring of temperature and acid density in the cell. THE ALP is available with S35, R24 and as a snap-in for R24. 


Product benefits

  • Flat design 0,76” (18,5mm)

Reduces the risk of damage by battery cables.


  • High buoyancy EPP floater

The material is a closed solid foam with unprecedented low density creating higher closing force for robust operation.


  • Polycarbonate body

Higher resistance against impact and temperature than polypropylene.


  • Inlying floater rod guide

Higher protection against pollution and more function reliability.

Small contact surface between rod and  guide to minimize risk of blocking.


  • Adjustable plug position

Plug position is adjustable easily with a swivel vent insert.

In combination with the swivel t-piece, tube routing gets easier and faster.


  • Functional simplicity

Only 7 functional parts and only 2 movable parts to minimize risk of blocking by sticky contaminants.

Pressurized parts are always welded together, not just clipped!

High resistance against vapor and pressurized water by welded polycarbonate parts.

High function reliability by a permanent  flushing vent system.

FROETEK assures 100% production control of the valve tightness.



Copper Price

Südkupfer Basis UB-FRÖTEK Copper (CU)
(monthly average)

791.41 EUR / 100 kg