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Company - Corporate Policy

Quality Policy and Quality Management System

As an International manufacturing company, FRÖTEK’s Corporate Goal is to increase profitability by continuously working toward maximizing our growth potential and providing our customers a mutual profit-orientated business relationship. Our Company Goal is to determine and address our customer expectations and requirements, as well as ensuring the highest quality and reliability of our products that our customers have come to expect. This company goal is realized by our wide product-portfolio, our customer and market driven targets in research and development, company structure and our day to day work ethics.

Our valuable customers associate the name FRÖTEK with products and services we provide which ensures them advantages over their competition. These advantages are the center piece of FRÖTEK’s customer commitment to deliver high quality products with competitive market pricing and strive to meet 100% customer satisfaction. General Management and employees are therefore responsible for acknowledging and practicing the factors mentioned below:

  • Continuous improvement and adjustment of products and processes (KVP) to meet customers ever changing market requirements.
  • Continuously reviewing and updating our process controls to ensure the highest quality products.
  • Maintain FRÖTEK’s current market position and explore new markets for future growth.
  • Increase manufacturing producttivity and look for cost saving opportunities.
  • Increase EBIT through exisiting market growth and exploring new markets and customers.
  • Increase innovation and engineering output to meet current and future customer expectations.
  • Provide a work environment where employees knowledge and experiece is held in the highest regard and sought to improve all facets of the company and allow growth potential for the employee.

FRÖTEK wants to grow its current market position and expand into new markets by making sure that:

  • All employees in all subsidiaries are communicating and working together as a team to meet all of our international customer needs.
  • Our internal decision structures allow for quick decisive decisions, actions and re-actions to meet company and customer expectations.
  • Ensuring these decisions that are made and implemented will strengthen the future growth of FRÖTEK
  • We continuously evaluate our manufacturing and transaction costs to help find ways to reduce costs while maintaining the highest manufacturing standards and pass these cost savings on to our customers.
  • All employees are held to a high standard of personal responsibility and self-initiative.

The following points are implemented to ensure that we meet our company targets:

  • Continuously strive to meet 100% customer satisfaction
  • Provide our customers with high quality/low cost products by utilizing forward thinking quality planning according to the motto “correct from the beginning”
  • Continuously review our manufacturing processes to identify and then reduce scrap rates and potential claims (internal/external)
  • We shall implement a Business Strategy that reduces or eliminates consumption of time and/or resources that offer no added value to our customers or markets.
  • We shall enact a Continuous Improvement Process designed to acknowledge, prevent and/or eliminate the potential of product failure before ever reaching our customers and markets.

We at FRÖTEK consider our technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to be a crucial part of the success of the company. All of these factors relating to product quality and customer expectations shall consequently be supported by the management of FRÖTEK and all our employees.


FRÖTEK considers itself an environmentally responsible member of our corporate manufacturing society. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards by considering the effects of our actions and activities on the environment. Our goal is to ensure the energy efficiency of all our machines and devices are optimized to reduce energy consumption and usage of available resources. Consequently we are introducing related management systems.

Energy policy and energy management system

FRÖTEK commits to continuously evaluate and reduce its energy consumption and improve its energy efficiency of all machines and devices. This includes continuous improvement of energy related output of the company, the traceability and evaluation of its energy consumption as well as analysis and corrective action once weaknesses and deviations have been identified. Our energy management system will be supervised by internal and external audits. Day to day supervision and continuous improvement of our energy management system is to ensure that we reach our strategical and operational targets and are in line with and approved by general management. General management sets and approves the targets, they also provide all necessary implementation information and tools which are needed to reach the targets.

Knowledge and compliance of all energy related rules and laws are mandatory. Conformity of the law is regularly checked internally and externally and this information is used as the basis for all decisions and changes.

FRÖTEK gives low energy and recourse consumption priority when developing new products and installing and implementing new devices and procedures. We consider the energy efficiency and resource consumption information as major criteria when buying new machinery/devices or goods.

FRÖTEK expects all employees to follow the implementation of our energy management system and we make them aware of saving energy not just at work but also at their homes.

Environment politics and Environment management system

FRÖTEK expects all employees to value our environment policy. The corporate goals of our environmental management system are an ongoing commitment to our environmental protection. This includes each interaction between company and environment: energy consumption, usage of important recourses like water, quantity of waste and its elimination, health and security of our employees as well as third party companies on our property doing work as required. Specified environmental targets are being defined and improved continuously. FRÖTEK shall track the status of these targets on regular basis.

FRÖTEK is obligated to avoid and/or reduce environmental pollution as much as possible. Implementing actions to reach these targets are considered in our continuous improvement process. Furthermore, all employees are obligated to report identified issues that they see as an opportunity for improvement. They will be educated accordingly.

We check the environmental related rules and laws regularly and make sure that we are in compliance.

The basis of our actions to minimize the usage of recourses is to first identify our current usage, then evaluate this data to determine opportunities for minimizing our usage by considering planned usage, life cycle, and disposal of products.

FRÖTEK publishes its company policy on its webpage so that it is visible to the public.